8 Ways to Keep the Kids Amused While Travelling

Travelling with kids can be challenging at best, especially if it involves long hours in the car or on a plane - when the boredom hits, it all downhill from there. To keep your children amused and entertained during the journey, here are some ideas that you can consider:

  • Bring a variety of games: Pack a variety of games that your children can play while on the go. These can include board games, card games, and puzzles. A curated activity pack is a great idea, providing a variety of amusements and projects, whilst also giving your child a sense of ownership of their travel bag, and thus their travel experience.

  • Audio books and music: A portable Audio player such as the Yoto Mini is a fantastic idea for use while travelling. The scope of cards is varied, allowing your child to choose whether they listen to their favourite story, music, educational content or even meditation! This will help to keep them occupied for prolonged periods, and also help to improve their language and listening skills

  • Pack snacks: This is a must, as every parent knows! Bring along a variety of snacks that your kids enjoy. Snacks can help to distract and comfort them during the journey.


  • Colouring books and activity books: Colouring books and activity books are a great way to keep your kids amused while travelling. They can keep your child's mind engaged and also help to develop their creativity. Reusable stickers and reusable sticker books are also a great shout, as they can be applied and removed over and over- plus, you know you won't end up apologising to a flight attendant that the seat in front is now permanently covered in dinosaurs and fairies...

  • Play 'I Spy': This classic game is always fun and can be played by kids of all ages. It helps to develop observational skills and can be played without any materials.


  • Fidget Toys: Who doesn't love something to fidget with? Fidget toys give nerves and restlessness an outlet, and can be a distraction in an otherwise busy and overstimulating environment. Toys to pop, squidge, rub can provide sensory comfort and keep fidgetty fingers busy.

  • Take frequent breaks: Make sure to take frequent breaks during the journey to allow your kids to stretch their legs and move around. This can help to prevent restlessness and discomfort.


  • Bring a travel journal: For older children, you can encourage them to create a travel journal or diary, where they can document their experiences and draw pictures of the places they visit. This can be a fun and educational activity, keeping them engaged at every stage of the travelling process.

Why not make things simple and pick up a Busy Bag ahead of your travels? Packed full of play, these curated entertainment packs are an ideal companion on your little ones' next journey...

Busy Bag (Ages 3-4)
Busy Bag (Ages 2-3)

We parents know that keeping kids amused while travelling requires planning and creativity. By bringing a variety of games, snacks, books, and virtual activities, taking frequent breaks, and encouraging creativity, you can help to make the journey a more enjoyable and memorable experience for both you, and your kids.

Laura Davies is the founder of the The Kid Collective, the ultimate shopping destination for toys that support learning through play. Everything is consciously selected with the benefits of play in mind, ensuring that each toy inspires growth in children, for today and tomorrow. When it comes to play, we know what matters.

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