Pretend Play Toys

Kids Role Play Toys

Here at The Kid Collective we believe imagination in play is so important for your child's development. Pretend play allows your child to explore their surroundings and build a story around the toys they are playing with. When they take on a role within their play they can often remain focused for long periods of time.

Role Play Sets

By using a play set your child can fully immerse themselves in their imaginary world. Bring to life their own role play beauty salon with makeup toys and a hairdresser play set. Or your child may want to be a hero and dress up as a fireman, play doctors, pretend to be a dentist or look after their toy animals with a vet role play set. Browse our collection of role play sets above.

Toy Food Sets

One of the most popular pretend play games is toy kitchens and play food. Your little one can cook up a storm in their kitchen using a variety of wooden play food. Cutting food toys makes pretend dinner time more interesting as toy fruit and vegetables can be portioned, cooked and served up to the whole family. All of our toy food sets are made from eco friendly or sustainable materials. Browse our full collection of Play Food.