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Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Family
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family
Sylvanian Families Flora Rabbit Family
Sylvanian Families Petite Bear Family
Sylvanian Families Hedgehog Family
Sylvanian Families Latte Cat Family
Sylvanian Families Walnut Squirrel Family
Sylvanian Families Tandem Cycling Husky Set
Sylvanian Families Triplets Care Set
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Baby Set
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set
Sylvanian Families Picnic Van
Sylvanian Families Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus
Sylvanian Families Red Roof Cosy Cottage
Sylvanian Families Sunny Castle Nursery

Welcome to the Enchanting World of Sylvanian Families Toys!

First created in 1985, Sylvanian Families quickly became an iconic toy of the '80s and continues to provide both children and adults with fun, magic and imaginative play, enchanting generations of children worldwide. 

Sylvanian Families is a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters that live, work and play in the idyllic land of Sylvania. The word Sylvan means ‘of the forest’ and the brand has three values at its heart: Nature, Love and Family.
These wonderful animal dolls allow children to invent their own stories, and help them develop social skills and emotional intelligence through imaginative play. 

Step into a world of imagination with captivating characters, from lovable rabbit families to cute siblings. Each Sylvanian Family member brings unique stories to playtime, creating joy and laughter. Explore our diverse range of figures, playsets and more and start collecting for magical adventures.

An Evergreen Toy for Every Child

Sylvanian Families is an evergreen toy, with a friendly appeal to everyone. With so many ways to play, these figures and playsets appeal to so many children; whether they like - playing with dolls, decorating homes, collecting furniture, and changing outfits. There are no rules or regulations, allowing children to create their own stories and use their imaginations freely.

Promoting Wholesome Play and Enduring Appeal

Sylvanian Families promotes wholesome play and has an enduring appeal, helping to develop thoughts and emotions. Children learn essential tasks in their daily lives, such as cleaning, by posing the figures to carry out the actions needed to complete the tasks.

Inspiring Imitation and Nurturing Communication Skills

By playing with the animal figures and playsets and mimicking the behaviour of human beings, the Sylvanian range brings familiar surroundings to life. Children are naturally inspired to imitate their own household and the adults around them as well as professional jobs they might want to do when they grow up. Additionally, they develop their communication skills and learn to care for others by exploring a variety of play patterns where they can identify with the characters they play with.

Charming Sylvanian Houses for Playtime

Whether it's a cosy cottage or a mermaid shop, there's an adorable setting for every Sylvanian family house. Let your children's imaginations run wild as they decorate their homes, invent magical stories, and create unforgettable memories.

What Sylvanian Families are available?

Whether your child adores fluffy tails or tiny paws, Sylvanian Families offers a delightful array of collectibles sure to brighten playtime. From charming families of rabbits, hedgehogs cats to to adorable baby animals each figure is bound to capture hearts and ignite imaginations.

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