Yoto Player 3rd Generation
Yoto Player 3rd Generation
Yoto Player 3rd Generation
Yoto Player 3rd Generation
Yoto Player 3rd Generation
Yoto Player 3rd Generation

Yoto Player 3rd Generation

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    • lots of stories to collect
    • chargeable and great for in the home
    • works as a Bluetooth speaker too

Benefits of Play

Understanding the world Cognitive Play Imagination Sensory: Auditory Blue

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TKC Says

'We love the numerous functions packed into this small yet mighty audio player, from audio books, learning activities and more! Kids will enjoy building up their library and expanding their imaginations' - Charis
Product Overview

The Yoto Player (3rd Generation) is the perfect audio solution for kids, providing them with a safe control over their listening, learning, and play. This fun player works with audio cards that vary from bestselling audiobooks, educational audio to music and activities and more.

With the Yoto Player, they'll embark on extraordinary adventures, unravel gripping mysteries, and meet unforgettable characters, all through beautifully narrated tales. It's like having a storyteller at their  fingertips, ready to whisk them away to far-off lands at the push of a button.

But the Yoto Player is not just a storyteller extraordinaire. It's also a companion for learning and creativity. Explore a world of educational content, from fascinating facts to mind-expanding podcasts. With the Yoto Player, learning becomes a thrilling adventure that knows no bounds.

What's even more delightful is how easy and intuitive the Yoto Player is to use. Its sleek design and tactile buttons make navigation a breeze, empowering little hands to take charge. The pixel display brings visuals to life, adding an extra layer of magic to every experience.

The Yoto Player doesn't just stop at captivating children; it also brings peace of mind to parents. Rest assured, knowing that the content your child accesses is carefully curated and child-friendly.

This NEW generation Yoto Player features acoustically engineered stereo speakers to provide the ultimate audio experience for little listeners.

Kids can explore their imagination and the world around them as they discover and learn new things from their ever growing library of audio. The larger size of the Player means it's great for listening around the home.

With so many features packed into this amazing player we don't know where to begin!

  • Ok-to-wake clock for sleep training
  • fun pixel display
  • 7 colour nightlight function
  • room thermometer
  • packed with free podcasts, radio and sleep sounds for young curious minds
  • Bluetooth connectivity means the player can double up as a speaker
  • can used with 3.5mm headphones or wireless headphones
  • the player charges via a 1.5m (USB-A > USB-C) Charging Cable
  • the player now boasts 600 hours of audio storage
  • Parents can also have control of the player via the Yoto App.

The Yoto Player is suitable for use by anyone aged 3+. However, Yoto's content library contains cards suitable for children from birth to 12 years

  • suitable from  3+ 
  • Yoto Player (3rd Generation), 1.5m (USB-A > USB-C) Charging Cable, Welcome Card (it’s also a Make Your Own Card)


Dimensions: H11 x W11 x D10.5cm
Battery: 24hrs of playback per charge 
Storage: The player has up to 600 hours of audio storage
Charging:  USB-C & Wireless
Care: Can be cleaned with non-corrosive household products

  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • USB-C fast charge
  • wireless or cable charging (dock sold separately)
  • 40mm 5W stereo speaker
  • 32GB internal memory
  • add multiple players to the app
  • the Yoto Player is suitable for use by anyone aged 3+. However, Yoto's content library contains cards suitable for children from birth to 12 years
  • works with 3.5mm headphones & wireless
  • pixel display brings audio to life
  • parental control with the Yoto app
  • features sleep sounds, white noise + more
  • controlled with physical smartcards (sold separately)
  • download the Yoto app for IOS or Android for a guide through quick set-up
  • added features include Yoto daily, Yoto radio, sleep sounds, pixel display, day+night clock & more
  • WiFi required upon setup. When you insert a Yoto Card into Yoto Player it downloads the content from Yoto's server. Once it has downloaded the content, then it can be used without being connected on future occasions (you can disconnect Yoto Player from the Wifi via the app)



Yoto recommend only adults use the charger, which should be kept out of reach of children at all times.

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini are not suitable for children under three years of age as they contain small parts, which could present a choking hazard and a long cord which is a strangulation risk.

The Yoto Player charger is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. Yoto Player and Yoto Mini should only be set up and charged by adults. Be careful not to put the Player or Yoto Mini in contact with anything that conducts electricity and place it on a stable, flat surface when in use.

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini are not splash or drip proof. Keep Yoto Player and Yoto Mini away from water, moisture and any heat; do not submerge the products. Clean with a dry soft cloth, if that doesn’t work, be sure to disconnect the product from the power supply before cleaning with a damp microfibre cloth. Do not use solvent, chlorides or chemical cleaning agents.

Children should not sleep with the Yoto Player or Yoto Mini in their beds, or cover it in any way.

3 Years+
Care Instructions
Can be cleaned with non-corrosive household products



What makes Yoto Player (3rd Generation) so special?
The short answer? So many things. Yoto Player is the only kids’ audio player with a programmable night light and clock, Ok-to-wake settings, its own daily podcast, family radio stations as well as endless hours of free stories, music, podcasts and sleep sounds. Plus it has acoustically-engineered stereo sound, 600+ hours of storage for offline listening, a boosted battery life for up to 24 hour of play, and a room temperature thermometer.

What's included with Yoto Player? 
Yoto Player (3rd Generation), of course! Also a 1.5m (USB-A > USB-C) Charging Cable, a Welcome Card (which doubles as a Make Your Own Card) and a Quick Start Guide. Yoto Player doesn’t come with a power adapter, a wireless charger or any accessories not listed above.

What age is Yoto Player suitable for? 
Yoto Player is suitable for kids aged 3+. Our Card Store has 1,000+ titles for kids from birth to 12+ so there’s always something new to explore as kids learn and grow.
How long does the battery last? Kids can enjoy up to 24 hours of play on a single charge. That’s a lot of listening!

How do I charge Yoto Player? 
Yoto Player comes with a USB-C cable so you can charge it almost anywhere, and you can also buy a Wireless Charger separately. Yoto Player (3rd Generation) is not compatible with the Yoto Player (2nd Generation) wireless dock.

Does Yoto Player need WiFi? 
Yes, but just for a few quick things. The majority of listening can be done offline – from the treehouse, the car or even the most sturdy of pillow forts. Sweet freedom! You’ll need a WiFi connection to set up your Yoto Player and download your Yoto Cards. Once they’re downloaded, your child can play them wherever and whenever they like! Yoto Radio, and Yoto Daily will need WiFi too. You can disconnect your Yoto Player from the WiFi via the app. Yoto launches new features to Yoto Player all the time, so you’ll want to connect your player fairly regularly so it can download any new Yoto OS updates.
How do I set up a Yoto Player? 
Easy. Download the Yoto App for iOS or Android and follow the setup process. The app will take you through everything and the fun can begin in just a few minutes!

How durable are Yoto Cards? 
Yoto Cards are made from food-safe plastic, so they’re hard to bend and even harder to break. We don't recommend forcing them to bend, though. Your whole Yoto Card collection is saved in your Yoto App, so if you lose one, you’ll be able to link it to a new Make Your Own Card in seconds - simple! 

What is Yoto Daily? 
It is a piece of exclusive audio, delivered to your Player every day. Press the right-hand button once on your Player (with no card in) to enjoy it!

What is Yoto Radio? 
It is the in-house kids radio station you can listen to for free. Simply press twice the right-hand button on your Player to enjoy it!

How do the clocks work? 
Choose a clock for your Player and set the night-time and day-time, to display the sun or moon at the right time for your child. You can also customise other features like Night Light colour, all by navigating to 'Player Settings' in the app. You will have to have completed setup of your Player to begin customising features.

How does the nightlight work? 
Turn your Yoto Player onto its front - and be careful only to do this on a friendly surface like a bedside table, not the floor! - this will turn on the nightlight. To turn the nightlight off, just stand Yoto Player upright again.

How do I make my own card? 
Once you have set up your Player, you can use the Welcome Card as a blank card to upload your content and Make Your Own Card. Visit your Yoto Player mobile app to begin. You can also buy additional Make your Own cards.

What’s the plan with Yoto Player (2nd Generation)? 
If you bought your Yoto Player between 2020 and mid-2023 then you probably have the award-winning Yoto Player (2nd Generation) - congrats! Yoto will continue supporting you and your player with new Yoto OS updates for the foreseeable future.

Can my child use their Yoto Player or Yoto Mini while it is on charge?
No, please keep your player out of reach of children while it’s charging. As with any electronic device, it’s unsafe for children to handle devices that are connected to mains power.

Can my child charge their Yoto Player or Yoto Mini?
No. As with any electronic device, chargers should only be handled by an adult and charged out of reach of children.

I’ve lost my charging cable. What can I charge with?
We can never guarantee the quality of another company’s cable, so we recommend using Yoto branded cables only.


How much is home delivery?

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  • International Delivery - the delivery charge will be calculated in the basket based on the weight of the order.

Standard Tracked and Express Tracked are delivered using Royal Mail. 

When will I get my order?

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