Wooden Toys

Discover the joy of Wooden Toys

With a timeless charm, enduring durability and natural appeal, wooden toys offer a host of play possibilities. Our collection of wooden toys features play classics, such as wooden toy kitchens, tea sets and role play toys.

More durable than plastic, and with a much more charming aesthetic, you'll love our curated collection of wood toy classics here at TKC.

Wooden Dolls Houses: A world of imagination

A dolls house is an enchanting addition to any play space, offering creative, imaginative and story telling opportunities. By encouraging imaginative play, a dolls house can help to foster creativity and social and emotional development. In the arrangement of wooden play furniture, and wooden dolls and figurines, this also supports fine motor skills.

The Little Dutch Dolls House is a beautiful take on a classic, and includes a host of dolls house accessories.

Wooden Role-Play toys: time for make believe 

Your child can become immersed in an imaginary world of make believe through role play. With designs like wooden toy kitchens, wooden tea sets and wooden food toys, wooden role play toys are great for imaginative and imitative play,

Who doesn't love a tea party? The Little Dutch Wooden Tea Set is a great choice, it includes everything you need for a proper posh cuppa. Team it with some wooden food, like a Birthday Cake, and you're all set. As we all know, when your child wants a tea party, you have one. 

Wooden toys have captured the hearts of children, parents and grandparents for generations. Browse our collection now, you're sure to find something to love and cherish for years to come.