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Grimm's Building World Polar Light
Grimm's Pastel Beads Grasper
Grimm's Conical Tower Neon Pink
Grimm's 1001 Nights Building Set
Grimm's Rainbow Semi Circles
Grimm's Small Pastel Balls
Grimm's Small Rainbow Balls
Grimm's Conical Tower Neon Green
Grimm's Rainbow Beads Grasper
Grimm's Small World Play - Down By The Meadow
Grimm's Counting Rainbow - 10 Piece
Grimm's Friends Neon Mix
Grimm's Lara Building Set
Grimm's Large Natural Stepped Pyramid
Grimm's Large Rainbow Stepped Pyramid
Grimm's Rainbow Bridge
Grimm's Rainbow Mushrooms
Grimm's Rainbow Neon Green - 10 Piece
Grimm's Small World Play - In The Woods
Grimm's Wooden Rainbow Coins
Grimm's Building Set Wooden Train
Grimm's Colourful House
Grimm's Rainbow Neon Pink - 10 Piece
Grimm's Small World Play - By The Water
Grimm's Water Waves
Grimm's Large Rainbow - 12 Piece
Grimm's Rainbow - 6 Piece
Grimm's Tweezer

A family run business in the foot hills of the Swabian Alps in Germany, Grimm's produce natural, high quality and magical wooden toys. Offering timeless pieces that will be loved generation after generation

Grimm's sustainable and handcrafted wooden toys are inspired by Waldorf and other alternative pedagogical teaching methods that champion creative, open-ended and imaginative learning. 

Grimm's toys are beautifully simple, made from natural materials, oils and dyes. It is this simplistic yet carefully thought out design which makes them so appealing to children. The absence of overt details and structure allows children to use the toys however they want to using their own imaginations, creating small worlds, inventing stories and more. 

Grimm's wooden toys are all made in Europe using wood from sustainably managed forests, they also actively run reforestation projects too. Each pieces is handcrafted in workshops located across Germany and wider Europe, then hand-dipped in colour, assembled, quality checked and  packaged at their German headquarters. Grimm's use only water-based, non-toxic stains on their toys, plant oils are used to preserve the surface of the wood, allowing the natural wood grain to show.

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