Dinosaur Gifts

Bring the ancient giants to life with our collection of Dinosaur Toys & Gifts

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Tender Leaf Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tender Leaf Triceratops
Londji Tattoos - Jurassic
Safari Ltd Dinos Toob
Yoto Card - Everything Under The Sun
Yoto Card - Everything Under The Sun
Yellow Door Let's Roll Dinosaurs
Tender Leaf Pterodactyl
Jellystone Calm Down Sensory Bottle - Dino
Londji Dinos Stickers
Tender Leaf Ankylosaurus
Tender Leaf Brontosaurus
Tender Leaf Parasaurolophus
Tender Leaf Stegosaurus
Tender Leaf Velociraptor
Wudimals Wooden Stegosaurus
Wudimals Wooden T-Rex
Londji Discover The Dinosaurs Puzzle
Londji Pocket Puzzle - My Little Dino
National Geographic Ultimate Dino Sand
Safari Ltd T-Rex
Wudimals Wooden Diplodocus
Janod Push Along Dinos
Janod Push Along Dinos
Janod Ride On Dino Portosaurus
Safari Ltd Mini Fun Pack - Dinosaurs
Janod Dino Activity Table
Rachel Ellen Designs Dinosaurs Coloured Pencil Set
Rachel Ellen Designs Dinosaurs Coloured Pencil Set
Safari Ltd Brachiosaurus
Safari Ltd Diplodocus
Safari Ltd Stegosaurus
Bigjigs - Dinosaur Railway Set
Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape

Dinosaur toys and gifts

Step back in time to a Jurassic wonderland, it's play time! From a roaring t-rex, to story-time adventures, our collection of dinosaur gifts bring the ancient giants to life.

Dinosaur Toys

Fuel their imaginations with our collection of small world dinosaur characters. Including wooden dinosaurs from Tender Leaf toys and Wudimals, and realistic Dino figurines from Safari -we've got it covered! We encourage children to play their own way with our dinosaur figures, and to learn the joy of open ended play.

Educational Dinosaur Gifts

Turn learning into an exciting adventure with our range of educational dinosaur gifts. Explore the prehistoric world with interactive dinosaur puzzles, kinetic sand sets from National Geographic, and investigation stamp sets. For some super dino learning, check out the story cards from Yoto, featuring  the Dinosaur Times and educational audio cards

Dinosaur Themed Gifts & Activities

If you're feeling crafty, we've got a great collection of dino themed crafts and activities, perfect for gifting. Maybe the Dinosaur temporary tattoos take your fancy? Or a dinosaur colouring book and pencils? 

Our range of dinosaur gifts has something for everyone, and you're sure to find something that they will love. 

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