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Grimm's Conical Tower Neon Pink
Grimm's Conical Tower Neon Green
Mushie Stacking Ring Tower - Original
Grimm's Rainbow Neon Green - 10 Piece
Le Toy Van Forest Stacking Animals & Bag
Grimm's Rainbow Neon Pink - 10 Piece
Grimm's Water Waves
Mushie Nesting Star
Grimm's Large Rainbow - 12 Piece
Mushie Stacking Cups - Petal
Little Dutch Stacking Train - Wild Flowers
Little Dutch Rainbow Stacker Blue
Little Dutch Stacking Train - Chicken
Little Dutch Stacking Train - Sailors Bay
Little Dutch Rocking Ring Stacker - Wild Flowers
Little Dutch Stacker Sailboat
Little Dutch Rocking Ring Stacker - Baby Bunny
Little Dutch Rainbow Stacker Pink
Le Toy Van Farm Stacking Animals & Bag
Tender Leaf Robot Construction
Grimm's 1001 Nights Building Set
Grimm's Rainbow Semi Circles
Le Toy Van Ocean Stacking Animals & Bag
Little Dutch Butterfly Stacking Puzzle
Mushie Stacking Ring Tower - Rustic
Jabadabado Stacking Burger Meal
Mushie Stacking Cups - Forest
Tender Leaf Stacking Farmyard
Tender Leaf Stacking Forest
Classic World Exploration Blocks
Grimm's Counting Rainbow - 10 Piece
Grimm's Lara Building Set
Grimm's Large Natural Stepped Pyramid
Grimm's Large Rainbow Stepped Pyramid
Grimm's Rainbow Bridge
Grimm's Rainbow Mushrooms
Londji Up To The Stars Stacking Game
Tender Leaf Stacking Coral Reef
Grimm's Building Set Wooden Train
Grimm's Colourful House
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Exploring the World of Stacking and Nesting Toys

Explore our vibrant collection of stacking and nesting toys that ignite children's curiosity and foster core developmental skills.

Stacking and nesting toys offer great developmental benefits for babies and toddlers. For babies, these toys aid in the development of early key motor skills as they grasp, hold, and explore the shapes. It enhances their hand-eye coordination and introduces them to the concept of sizes and shapes, laying the groundwork for cognitive development.

Toddlers benefit by developing their problem-solving abilities as they stack and nest objects. These toys stimulate their creativity, encourage logical thinking, and refine their fine motor skills. 

Discover a variety of options, including timeless favourites - stacking cups, wooden rainbow stackers and more! 

Understanding the Value of Stacking and Nesting Toys

These toys offer more than just entertainment; they aid children in fostering essential developmental skills. The benefits are invaluable, from building fine motor skills to promoting cognitive growth and spatial awareness. By engaging with these toys, children can have a journey of discovery, creativity, and skill-building.

Unlocking Learning Through Stacking

Stacking toys offer learning through play, providing children with fun educational resources. Through handling the toy pieces, children learn key concepts such as spatial awareness, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination. As they play and experiment, children learn about balance, size, and shape, which helps build the foundation for math and thinking skills.

Age-Appropriate Stacking Toys

Stacking Toys for Babies:

Babies engage with stacking toys as early as six months. They will enjoy playing with simple toys that help in developing their grasping and holding skills. Our Mushie stacking cups are ideal for little ones at this age. The tactile silicone is easy for babies to grasp and hold, and they are also ideal for water play in the bath.

Stacking Toys for One-Year-Olds:

Around the age of one, children grasp the idea of stacking by trying to pile up toys and building small towers. This all helps to further develop hand-eye coordination and refine their motor skills.

Toys like our Little Dutch Rainbow stackers invite imaginative play.  For a more tactile experience, the Grimm’s wooden rainbows are easy to grip, and the different shapes and sizes offer a fun and engaging experience. For a slightly more challenging activity, the Little Dutch Little Goose Family Stacker is ideal.  This stacker supports early counting skills and fine motor skills as children stack up the rings.

Stacking Toys for Toddlers:

Toddlers, aged two and above, delve deeper into stacking, sorting, and nesting activities. They explore more complex designs, experiment with different shapes, and refine their problem-solving skills. Toys like the Grimm’s Conical Tower, invite sorting by colours and sizes, stacking and creative building. Playing with it develops little ones' motor skills and creates joy by combining bright colours with natural wood tones.

Why Choose Stacking and Nesting Toys?

Our carefully curated selection blends entertainment with learning, fostering critical developmental milestones. Explore sturdy wooden stackers and quality materials, ensuring enduring enjoyment and reliability. Encourage problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, and cognitive development through engaging play.

Dive into Our Collection

Embark on an adventure with our captivating range of stacking and nesting toys. From exploring shapes, sizes, or colours, our collection offers an array of possibilities for curious minds to explore and create.

Embrace Learning Through Play

Experience the joy of learning through play with our exceptional stacking toys. Cultivate their curiosity, nurture essential skills, and witness moments of pure delight with every stack, sort, and build.

Explore the World of Stacking and Nesting Toys

Explore the world of stacking and nesting toys. Dive into our collection today and witness the joy of learning through play first hand!

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