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TickiT Wooden Building Gem Blocks
TickiT Easy Hold Plane Mirror
TickiT Translucent Colour Tweezers
TickiT Gem Cubes
TickiT Easy Hold Glow Panel - Green
TickiT Colour Crystal Treasures
TickiT Constellation Ball
TickiT Easy Hold Glow Panel - Orange
TickiT Touch & Match Board
TickiT Wooden Treasures Acorn
TickiT Easy Hold Purple Glitter Panel
TickiT Wooden Treasures Jewel
TickiT Wooden Treasures Taster Set
TickiT Easy Hold Magnifier
TickiT Large Textured Sensory Flashing Balls
TickiT Easy Hold Gold Glitter Panel
TickiT Rainbow Wooden Shape Stacker
TickiT Rainbow Wooden Nuts & Bolts
TickiT Rainbow Wooden Shape Twister
TickiT Sensory Reflective Sound Buttons

TickiT offers educational toys that celebrate, support and encourage learning through play. For over 35 years, TickiT has been a pioneer in crafting educational toys that make learning enjoyable.

Our educational tools are not just for play. They inspire imagination and help children want to learn and be able to learn. We believe in celebrating, supporting, and encouraging learning through the sheer joy of playtime.

TickiT is a renowned brand dedicated to creating educational toys and resources designed to inspire children's curiosity and learning. TickiT offers a broad range of products designed to engage young minds and encourage exploration.

Our range of sensory play materials and versatile educational tools aims to foster creativity and help children's development. TickiT's range earns recognition for its durability, safety, and ability to create enjoyable learning opportunities

Educational Toys: Where Fun Meets Learning

TickiT specializes in creating fun learning resources designed to ignite imagination while nurturing the natural curiosity and learning abilities of children. We carefully select our toys from TickiT to turn playtime into a stimulating learning experience. They inspire young minds, helping children acquire new knowledge and skills while having a blast.

Empowering Open-Ended Play

At TickiT, we understand the power of play in education. Our educational and sensory toys are perfect for open-ended play, empowering kids to make their own choices. Without rules or guidelines, children have the freedom to decide what they want to play with and how they'll use our resources. This fosters creativity and self-directed learning, letting children explore and learn at their own pace.

Sensory Play: Engaging the Senses

Dive into a world of sensory wonder with TickiT's captivating range of sensory play equipment. Our Glitter Storms have beautiful colours and our Sensory Flashing Balls engage children's senses with bright colours and textures. The Sensory Ooze Tubes offer a delightful blend of textures, colours, and movements, inviting curiosity and exploration.

Transforming Playtime into Learning Adventures

TickiT toys aren't just for play —they're tools that make learning fun. By seamlessly blending fun and education, our resources encourage children to enjoy the process of learning. They can freely explore, discover, and learn at their own pace, nurturing a lifelong love for education and discovery.

Explore TickiT: Where Learning Blossoms

Embark on an enriching journey with TickiT's extensive range of educational toys and sensory play equipment. Our collection provides many opportunities for children to learn, grow, and thrive by sparking curiosity and encouraging creative play.


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