Active Play

Active play is good for the mind, and the body.

In early years, the development of gross motor skills comes from physical activity and play.

Encouraging your child to engage in active play is great for their physical wellbeing. It helps strengthen their muscles and bones, improves coordination and balance, and helps them develop motor skills.

Here at The Kid Collective our range of toys for Active Play have been selected by our team to provide your child with the perfect platform to burn off some energy whilst using their imagination. 

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Shop our play collection of some of the best open active play toys on the market today.

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Stapelstein Stepping Stones - Pastel 6+1 Set
Stapelstein Stepping Stone - Confetti Pastel
Stapelstein Stepping Stones - Pastel Set Of 6
Little Dutch Rocking Sheep
Moluk Bilibo - Green
Stapelstein Stepping Stone - Confetti Rainbow
Little Dutch Baby Activity Walker - Little Farm
Stapelstein Play Cards - English
Little Dutch Balance Bike - Blue Matte
Little Dutch Balance Bike - Olive Matte
Little Dutch Wooden Tricycle - Olive
Moluk Bilibo - Dark Blue
Moluk Bilibo - Red
Wobbel Original
Stapelstein Wobble Board - Confetti Pastel
Little Dutch Wooden Tricycle - Pink
Moluk Bilibo - Purple
Stapelstein Wobble Board - Confetti Rainbow
Stapelstein Wobble Board - Mint
Moluk Bilibo - Light Blue
Stapelstein Stepping Stone - Pink
Stapelstein Wobble Board - Violet
Stapelstein Wobble Board - Orange
Moluk Bilibo - Orange
Petit Collage Mindful Animals
Stapelstein Stepping Stone - Dark Blue
Wobbel Pro Sky
Bigjigs Arched Climbing Frame
Janod Bunny Skipping Rope
Janod Ride On Dino Portosaurus
Micro Scooter Bell - Blue
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Discover our range of Pikler Triangle Climbing Frames and their coordinating accessories, the ever popular Wobbel Board is another great choice for balance and core strength building.

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