Peg Dolls & Figures

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Tender Leaf Doll Family
Tender Leaf The Hummingbird Doll Family
Tender Leaf Ayana
Tender Leaf Edward And His Skateboard
Tender Leaf Mr Forrester
Grimm's Friends Neon Mix
Tender Leaf Amy And Her Rabbit
Tender Leaf Mr Goodwood And His Dog
Tender Leaf Mrs Forrester
Tender Leaf Mrs Goodwood And The Baby
Grapat Lucky Lucky Third Edition
Grapat Purple Little Things
Grapat Moonlight Tale
Grapat Rainbow Tomtens
Grapat Sticks
Grapat The 12 Nins

What are peg dolls?

A traditional peg doll was made from a wooden clothes peg, dressed in scraps of fabric to make a doll. The modern take on a peg doll is still made from wood and keeps the traditional simple form and shape, but often uses wood stains to denote clothes or other features. A peg doll or wooden figure is a classic open ended toy, perfect for small world play and endless imaginative playscapes. Many of our wooden peg dolls don't have defined features or gender meaning they can be whatever your child wants them to be.

Complement your peg doll collection with wooden animal toys and wooden trees to create a whole mini world of imaginative play.


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