Baby Walkers

Toys to help them find their feet, build confidence, balance and coordination.

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Baby walkers ensure fun playtime that is engaging and varied. They allow little ones to explore the world of mobility as they support and encourage those crucial first steps. 

Walkers are perfect for little ones if they've just started standing or toddling.  Baby walkers help and encourage standing and staying up, while they explore their new taste of independence.

Baby Walkers: Encouraging Early Exploration

Baby walkers are a great aid to little ones in their developmental milestones. Typically, they're suitable for children who are confidently able to sit up unassisted, usually around 6 to 12 months. These walkers offer a sturdy frame and wheels, allowing babies to move around supportedly, fostering their curiosity and independence.

Activity Walkers: Engaging Learning Experiences

Our Little Dutch Baby Activity Walkers help with walking while engaging young minds. These activity walkers boast interactive features, such as colourful puzzles, shape sorters, and stimulating toys, ensuring your little explorer’s journey is filled with fun and learning.

Choosing the Right Walker for Your 1-Year-Old

When your child turns one, they might be ready for a walker that suits their growing curiosity and physical abilities. With strong structures and safety features like rubber grips and non-slip materials for stability, our Little Dutch Walkers are the perfect choice.

How to use a baby Walker?

It's important that your child can sit up independently and has either started crawling or displays signs of doing so before introducing a walker. This makes it safer for little ones but also ensures they can engage with the toy.

Once you've built your walker, supervise your baby when they are playing. Watch them discover the fun there is to have with their newfound abilities and activities.

Safety Reminders for Walker Use

While baby walkers offer fantastic developmental support, it's important to supervise their usage. Always use them in safe environments, free from hazards like stairs or sharp corners. Limit usage time as recommended, encouraging a balanced approach to your child's exploration and play.

Finding the Perfect Match

Explore our collection and discover the ideal activity walker that complements your little one’s developmental stage and personality. From renowned brands to innovative designs, our range ensures you find the perfect fit for your child's journey towards independent mobility.

With our range of baby walkers, your child can take those exciting first steps while exploring the world around them safely and enjoyably.

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