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Children's Board Games and Puzzles for interactive and cooperative play


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Janod Emotions Magnetic Game
Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around
Janod Educational Puzzle Human Body
Londji Save The Cat
Peaceable Kingdom The Fairy Game
Londji Guess My Dress
Peaceable Kingdom Feed The Woozle
Londji Discover The Dinosaurs Puzzle
Londji Dream A Tree
Londji Lets Go To The Mountain
Londji My Unicorn Glitter Puzzle
Janod Forest Magnetic Maze
Londji Happy Birthday Unicorn Puzzle
Londji Roads
Peaceable Kingdom Count Your Chickens
Londji Good Night Game
Londji Where Is The Cheese?
Londji I Love My Pets Puzzle
Londji Mama My First 7 Puzzles
Connetix Tiles - 24 Piece Motion Pack
Connetix Tiles - 2 Piece Car Pack
Connetix Tiles - 62 Piece Rainbow Starter Pack
Little Dutch Tap Tap Art Set - Zoo
Little Dutch Magnetic Playboard Jim & Rosa
Connetix Tiles - 64 Piece Pastel Starter Pack
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Engage young minds with our interactive kids board games and puzzles

It is time to elevate game nights, and encourage cooperative play with our captivating selection of children's board games and puzzles. Dive into a world of problem-solving, cognition and teamwork with our fave brands including Londji and Peaceable Kingdom.

From stimulating wooden puzzles to engaging cooperative games, these interactive gifts promise hours of fun, while fostering early years development. 

Why choose puzzles & board games for kids?

Children's board games are more than just entertainment. They are powerful tools for learning. They promote communication, problem solving, and social interaction. Gather the family for quality bonding time, and get stuck in with kids board games- whether it be for competitive, or collaborative play. 

Peaceable Kingdom designs many of our board games for cooperative play. These games build confidence, encourage inclusion, and increase positive self-esteem, helping kids develop valuable life skills today so they can play well in the world tomorrow.

The jigsaw puzzles in our collection create a visual journey, such as those from Londji who are renowned for their stunning artwork and eco-friendly craftsmanship. Each puzzle tells a unique story, and with varying levels of complexity there is something for puzzlers of all ages and skill levels.

If you're looking for wooden puzzles and kids board games, you've come to the right place!

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