5 Yoto Hacks you'll really want to know about

Here's 5 Yoto Tips & Tricks we think you'll love...

The Yoto Player has taken the parenting world by storm, and rightly so! These screen free audio players allow kids to lead the way, in a way that you can trust is safe. A fun and healthy alternative to screens, kids can enjoy the freedom to select what they listen to, and to build up their own library of their favourite stories and content. Including well known tales, music, meditation, podcasts and educational content. But the Yoto system is so much more than just an audio player, and there are so many cool tips and tricks you're definitely going to want to know about if you have a Yoto at home. Here's 5 of our favourites...

Yoto Radio > Yoto Sleep Radio

You've discovered Yoto Radio, that's fab! But did you know that when your Yoto player's clock switches from Day to Night, Yoto Radio will turn into Yoto Sleep Radio, playing a bedtime blend of soothing sounds and songs to have them nodding off peacefully in no time. You can control the time of this transition in the "Settings" section of your Yoto App.

White Noise

Turn your Yoto Player into a soothing sound machine, great for winding down and dozing off. In the "Sleep Sounds" section of your Yoto App you'll discover White, Pink and Brown Noise, as well as a collection of calming natural soundscapes. You can play your soothing sound of choice directly from the app to a Yoto Player or Yoto Mini, or even link to a Make Your Own Yoto Card using the free sleep sounds in the Yoto App.

Night Light

Flip your Yoto Player onto its face and the night light feature will switch on- you can select from 7 different colour modes in the Yoto App. You can also select a different colour for Day/Night mode so that when the colour changes, kids will know that it's OK to get up and start the day! No more 5am surprises (hopefully!) Please note this feature is only available on the Yoto Player and not the Yoto Mini

Birthday Shout-outs

We love this! Did you know that you can submit your childs birthday to Jake via Yoto Daily? Each day, Jake celebrates kid's birthdays all around the world, and it's easy to get involved. Simply visit the Yoto site to submit a birthday, which you can do up to 3 months in advance, and with 7 days notice.

Yoto Alarms & Timers

The Yoto Alarm is such a feature, allowing you to set up to 10 alarms per player. Simply choose the day/time, set the volume, and choose from one of seven sounds, including "Wake with Jake". A great feature to mark key points of the day, such as waking up, leaving for school or the start of the bedtime wind down.

You can also set timers to support the daily rhythms of life and enhance routines. In the Yoto App you can find free timer tracks for teeth brushing, tidy-up time and homework. Winning!

Have a fave feature of your Yoto Player? Let us know in the comments below!

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