Top Rainy Days Activities for Kids this Summer

things to do on a rainy dayWith school holidays just around the corner, we have uncovered a forecast for the number of rainy days during the upcoming summer months to help families plan their summer activities accordingly. 

According to our new research, which analysed weather patterns from the past five summer holidays, parents should expect 30 rainy days and 78 millimetres of rain during the school holidays this year¹.

Our team at The Kid Collective shares five creative ideas to keep kids entertained on those rainy days: 

Indoor Treasure Hunt 

Create a treasure hunt game inside your home. Write clues or draw maps that lead to hidden treasures or treats. This can keep kids engaged and excited as they solve the puzzles and search for hidden items.

Treasure hunts actively engage children both physically and mentally, as they need to solve puzzles and follow clues. This is a great way to spark their problem-solving skills. It also supports cognitive development as they have to remember the sequence of clues and use logical reasoning to solve the hunt.

DIY Crafts

Set up a craft station and engage children in various art and craft activities. Provide them with materials like paper, scissors, glue, pens, and paint. They can make paper aeroplanes, origami, finger puppets, or even create their own rainy-day-themed artwork.

DIY craft is a great way for children to unleash their creativity and foster a sense of accomplishment. Engaging in hands-on crafting activities can also help a child’s fine motor skills while allowing them to express themselves freely. 

Indoor Camping 

Set up a makeshift indoor campsite using blankets, pillows, and chairs. Let your children help you set it up and make it cosy. They can bring their favourite books, play board games, or even have a picnic-style indoor lunch or dinner. 

At The Kid Collective, we have many games and activities that bring the outdoors in, including our Den Co kits. Although the Den Co Kits are ideally used outside, it includes equipment that would make building a den inside easy, including a camouflage tarpaulin, a groundsheet, and natural jute rope.

Science Experiments

Engage your kids in fun and simple science experiments using everyday household items. For example, create a volcano using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, and food colouring, or make slime using glue and sodium.

By engaging in hands-on experiments, children develop a curious and inquisitive mindset, fostering a love for learning and discovery. Science experiments at home ignite their critical thinking skills, spark their creativity, and encourage them to ask questions.

Cooking or Baking

Involve your kids in simple cooking or baking activities. Choose recipes that are easy to make and involve minimal use of heat or sharp objects. Let them measure ingredients, mix batters, or decorate cupcakes. It's a great opportunity to teach them basic kitchen skills while creating delicious treats.

We understand the challenges parents face when unpredictable weather disrupts outdoor plans during the summer break. Hopefully, our estimation of rainy days for Summer 2023 will empower families to plan ahead and make every day count. 

Busy Bags 

With rainy days in mind and at-home activity options being limited, we have recently released our new Busy Bags, which are great compacted activity packs with all of the engaging and educational activities a kid would need to keep entertained and stimulated on those indoor days.

The bags include a carefully selected mix of activities to keep kids engaged and happy, but bonus, they’re designed with minimal mess and noise in mind. 

Busy Bag (Ages 3-4)
Busy Bag (Ages 2-3)

Downloadable Rainy Days Calendar 

For more rainy day activity ideas, why not print off our downloadable calendar below? Our new calendar shares 30 fun activities to keep kids occupied during those drizzly days indoors.

Download your Rainy Days Calendar here


By gathering data from Statista, The Kid Collective was able to calculate an estimate for the number of rainy days this Summer (June, July, August 2023), as well as an estimate for millimetres of rain (June, July, August 2023). The estimates were calculated by taking the average number of rainy days over the past five ‘Summers’ (the months of June, July, and August from 2018-2022) and then creating a YoY average to determine the number of rainy days through June-August 2023. The same was done for the amount of rain (in millimetres).   

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