Perfect days out with the kids this summer

Our kids really have had it tough over the past two years and now with restrictions easing there’s a glimmer of hope for a semi ‘normal’  summer holiday! - we’ve got some great activities to keep not only them but the whole family entertained!

Staycation for the Nation!

We may not have the heat of our neighbours across the pond but the British Isles are home to some of the most beautiful beaches!  Blackpool Sands - Devon, Seven Sisters - Sussex or Holkham Beach - Norfolk to name a few!

So head out in your sandals  and sunnies, have a dip in the sea (if you're brave enough!) or enjoy a picnic on the beach! The seaside is such an adventure for little ones and helps them get some much needed Vitamin D after many months inside. Great for their body and mind! We know how fun the beach is but it’s great to have some back up toys and games to keep them entertained when they’re all 'sandcastled’ out; a beach ball, a memo card game or even a potions kit to make a seaside elixir!

The Den Kit Co The New Potion Making Kit

A trip closer to home 

Okay, so which kid doesn’t like the park?! Our little ones should get a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day, and while that sounds a lot, it can be easily achieved by running about and playing in the park.

Why not walk or bike to the park instead of taking the car? Good for you and better for the planet!

Spending time outdoors as a family is a great way to get in some quality time, but also help build up your little ones social skills and confidence. Have a race, play tag or even go on a nature hunt! 

Trybike Steel 2-In-1 Balance Trike - Vintage Green
Trybike Wicker Basket

Build an ARRGH’mazing den!

Making a den in the garden or even inside is such a fun experience and the end product will have your kids entertained for hours! We absolutely love this Pirate Den Kit from the Den Kit Co and we think your little ones will love it even more! Get them involved in the building of it and watch their motor and coordination skills come to life!

The Den Kit Co Cottage Garden Den Kit
The Den Kit Co Original Den Kit
The Den Kit Co The New Potion Making Kit
The Den Kit Co Make A Pizza For The Birds


Rain, rain go away!

We know the weather in the UK isn’t always sunshine and blue skies so here’s some indoor activities to keep their little minds occupied!

From games to just have fun or ones to learn and have fun at the same time, games are the ultimate rainy day activity and an easy way to get them away from the screens for a while (we know it’s inevitable!). Or why no get the whole family involved in a puzzle afternoon, everyone loves a jigsaw! 

We love all the games and puzzles from Londji - my personal fav is Where Is The Cheese?

Getting crafty is always a win! Get out the arts and crafts supplies, all you need are paints or crayons and let their inner artist go wild! A quick and easy activity is to stick a couple of sheets of paper together and draw around your little one and get them to colour it in, they can give themselves a new outfit or get them to learn about their body and draw on a basic anatomy (psst it’s okay if you have to google this!)

Londji Cluck Cluck! The Fox!
Londji My Unicorn Glitter Puzzle


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