New Baby Gifts

New Baby Gifts

Perfect Presents for Newborns: Gifting Ideas for Welcoming Little Ones

There's nothing more special than the arrival of a new baby! So we understand you'll want to buy a gift that is equally as special!

Whether they're a new addition to the family or amongst your friendship group we've got lots of gifts that are perfect for the smallest yet cutest of arrivals! Here's a guide to help you find the ideal present for the bundle of joy.

What to Get a Newborn Baby for a Gift?

Selecting a gift for a newborn involves considering both the baby's needs and the parent's preferences. Here are a few categories that often make for great presents:

Toys and Developmental Items: Opt for soft toys, rattles, or interactive toys designed to aid in a baby's development.

On the go Essentials: Toys that allow baby to be entertained on the go are always welcomed gifts. 

Feeding and Bathing Products: Consider bibs, bath toys, or hooded towels – essential items for a baby's daily care routine.

Things like Clothing and Accessories are practical and always appreciated but many parents have already bought these items, so it’s always good to ask before buying.

The Best Things to Buy for a New Baby

Soft Toys and Comforters

Soft toys and comforters offer not only cuddly companionship but also a sense of security for newborns. Soft toys are the perfect keepsake for a newborn and will most likely stay with them for years throughout childhood. Soft and huggable toys often become a baby's first friends. We absolutely adore the Dozy Dinkum Dolls from Olli Ella, these gently weighted dolls are perfect for little ones and come in soft cotton or cosy fluffy fleece material.

Comforters, often made of soft fabrics, provide comfort and familiarity. We love the Little Dutch ones that offer a sensory experience with different textures plus many have sweet little soft toys on the top too.

The perfect all-in-one gift

These beautiful gift boxes from Little Dutch have three wonderfully snuggly items all perfectly displayed in a gift box! 
Each box comes with a sweet cuddle cloth featuring either Jack the Seagull or an adorable butterfly - perfect for snuggling or for playing peek-a-boo! The soft toys are perfect for a cuddle and the rattle also doubles up as a teether for when those pesky sore teeth start to appear!

Little Dutch Gift Box - Flowers & Butterflies

Teethers and Rattles

Teething and exploring sound and textures are crucial developmental stages.

Teething Toys: Silicone or wooden teethers provide relief for sore gums during teething. The Jellystone Design Moon teethers offer both, with its fun tactile design, this soft silicone and wooden teether is easy to grasp by tiny fingers and great for developing fine motor and sensory skills.

Colourful Rattles: Easy-to-grasp rattles with vibrant colours and different textures aid in sensory development. The Little Dutch Rain Rattles are perfectly sized for little hands and allow them to make the sounds of the rain, while also having fun watching the beads cascade down!

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys engage a baby's senses and contribute to their cognitive growth. 

Activity Balls: These come in various textures, encouraging tactile exploration.

Soft Activity Books: Fabric or textured books stimulate touch and sight while introducing early literacy.

Or for on-the-go fun, pull-and-shake toys, are not only soft but make the funniest of feelings when the string is pulled! - perfect for attaching to the pram, car seat or playpen!
The fun themes of our stroller booklets have so many activities to stimulate baby's senses, the loop allows for the booklet to be attached to the pram or car seat!

Baby Gyms

Baby gyms offer a multi-sensory play experience for infants. 

Little ones grow so quickly, it's hard to buy gifts that will grow with them! Playmats and gyms are great options! The toys are great for engaging little ones' eyes and as they grow they'll be able to play with them more and more!

The soft and padded mats of the Little Dutch activity gyms provide a safe space for babies to explore and develop motor skills. 

Selecting gifts that engage a baby's senses not only entertains them but also aids in their developmental milestones. These toys contribute to their cognitive, motor, and sensory development, making them thoughtful and practical presents.

Selecting a gift for a newborn involves considering the baby's needs, the parent's preferences, and a touch of sentimentality. Whether it's a practical essential, a timeless keepsake, or a personalized treasure, the perfect gift celebrates the joyous arrival of a new life.

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