DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

December is nearly upon us again which means it's time for Advent, the tradition where a door (or pocket) is opened each day in December until Christmas Eve and a surprise is found inside.

Fabric advent calendars are a beautiful way of creating your own reusable advent calendar, choose a traditional design like the stunning mustard Fabelab Nostalgia Embroidery Advent Calendar or a more modern design such as the Liewood Klaus Bear Advent Calendar. A fabric calendar will last for years and each December you can adapt the contents to suit your family, whether you are doing advent with your children, nephews and nieces, grandchildren or even great grandchildren!

What do I put in my Advent Calendar?

Thinking of how to fill 24 days of advent with treats needn't be daunting, we have some great ideas for advent:


Chocolate is always a popular choice, and the Playin Choc range includes an organic, vegan, soy, gluten and refined sugar free chocolate treat plus a 3D puzzle toy and fun fact card, two treats in one!

Wooden Animal Figures

Putting a selection of wooden animal figures in your calendar is great way of spreading out the fun of creating a play scene. If you choose individual wooden animals you can mix and match your theme, or create a Christmas zoo, or farm. Tender Leaf Toys offer a wide selection of wooden animals and they start from only £3 each! A cost effective way of including animal figures in your calendar is to buy an animal stacking set. The popular Le Toy Van Stacking Animal sets include 9 wooden animals and a lovely fabric bag to keep them in, so for £15 you can fill 9 days of advent with a toy!

Le Toy Van Andes Stacking Animals & Bag
Le Toy Van Forest Stacking Animals & Bag
Tender Leaf Stacking Farmyard

Favourite Christmas Ornaments

The idea of using Christmas ornaments in your advent calendar is another great way to be more eco friendly and re-use items you already own. You can place a Christmas tree decoration in each pocket of your advent calendar, and every morning you will have a new ornament to hang on your tree! You can do this using baubles you already own or could mix with new decorations, the Fabelab Candy Cane Christmas Ornament are a lovely traditional hanging decoration for your Christmas tree.

Have fun with Advent!

The most important thing is that you have fun throughout December with your advent calendar. The magic of seeing that advent calendar hanging on the wall ready for each morning will excite old and young!

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