Disney Inspired Baby Names Revealed


As Love Island star and influencer Molly-Mae Hague yesterday revealed that her first daughter with boxer Tommy Fury has the Disney inspired name Bambi, here at The Kid Collective, we analysed ONS data to reveal the biggest jump in baby names that are also characters in Disney’s most popular films. 

The top 20 most popular Disney-inspired baby girl names, according to the latest ONS data include: 

Alice (31st)
Aurora (56th)
Jasmine (92nd)
Anna (97th)
Winnie (204th)
Flora (220th)
Jessie (314th)
Belle (324th)
Minnie (416th)
Nala (428th)

Bambi was the 4,634th most popular girl's name in the UK for newborns, with 4 babies registered with the same name in 2021. 

The top 20 most popular Disney inspired baby boy names, according to the latest ONS data include: 

Sebastian (38th)
Louis (50th)
Felix (71st)
Eric (132nd)
Rex (142nd)
Remy (148th)
Flynn (227th)
Peter (233rd)
Hector (257th)
Woody (356th)

Founder of The Kid Collective, Laura Davies, comments: “It’s so interesting to see how even the classic Disney films are influencing people’s decisions on what they call their baby. I think it’s a great way to find unique and lesser-known baby names, as I can understand how difficult it is sometimes to choose a name for your baby - it’s a big deal!

“I also like the idea that these babies will grow up to know that their name is based on their parents' favourite films and characters, and perhaps they’ll go on to love the latest adaptations just like their parents too. It will be intriguing to see the next round of ONS data to see if ‘Bambi’ is appearing more frequently.”

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