Christmas Stocking Fillers and Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

Christmas Stocking Fillers and Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

As the festive season approaches, finding the perfect stocking fillers for the little ones can bring an extra touch of magic to Christmas morning. Whether it's a stocking for a 2-year-old or seeking budget-friendly options, here's our guide to delighting kids of all ages this holiday season. Plus we've curated a fun selection of gifts that are not only practically perfect but the right size for stockings or advent calendars too!

What to Put in Stocking Fillers for Kids?

Stocking fillers for kids can be a delightful mix of fun, educational, and practical items. Consider toys that stimulate imagination, promote learning, or offer a unique sensory experience.

Stocking Fillers for Different Age Groups

Stocking Fillers for Baby's First Christmas:

Celebrating a baby's first Christmas is a heart-warming milestone, filling their stocking with thoughtful gifts makes it even more special. For the littlest ones, consider items that engage their senses and offer comfort. Cuddle cloths provide a soft and soothing companion for cuddle time, while teethers are a great option to soothe sore gums when their teeth start to come in, offering relief during teething with their safe and chewable designs.

Encourage exploration with the Little Dutch Sensory Ball in Little Farm, stimulating their tactile senses with its textures and colours. For playful interaction, the Jellystone Penguin Wobble introduces fun wobbling movements, engaging their curiosity and perfect for tummy time. Interactive books that make sounds, have textures, or lift flaps to engage young readers.  The Jo & Nic's Crinkly Newspapers offer auditory stimulation with its crinkly pages, fostering sensory development and joyous moments during this special season.

What do you put in a 1 year olds stocking?

For the curious and adventurous 1-year-olds, stocking fillers should engage their growing  interests and foster development. The Bigjigs Planes Pull Back toy promises hours of fun as they watch the planes whizz across the floor, encouraging movement and play. Meanwhile, the ThreadBear Little Peeps Jack Doll offers companionship and imaginative play, sparking creative storytelling and comfort. 

Stimulate their senses with the TickiT Easy Hold Glitter Panels, providing visual stimulation and tactile exploration with its mesmerizing glitter. Engage their budding love for stories with Yoto Cards, immersing them in enchanting tales that captivate their imagination. 


What do you put in a 2 year olds stocking?

For energetic and inquisitive toddlers, stocking fillers should cater to their growing curiosity and imagination. Consider filling their stocking with colourful and engaging items.  Enhance their bath time fun with Nailmatic Crackling Bath Salts an bath bombs, adding an element of sensory delight and excitement. Encourage artistic expression with Rex London's Wild Wonders Felt Tip Stamp Pens, allowing them to create colourful masterpieces while exploring creativity. 

Foster outdoor creativity and play with Rex London's Six Coloured Chalk Eggs, enabling them to unleash their imagination in the garden or chalkboards. For captivating bedtime stories, the Yoto Card - PAW Patrol 5 Minute Stories offers entertaining tales that keep them engaged and eager for storytime. Additionally, the ThreadBear Little Peeps Tommy Toadstool provides cuddly comfort and companionship during play or nap-times, while the Cotton Twist Bracelet Making Kit in Rainbow Colours promotes fine motor skills and creativity through hands-on crafting.


What do you put in older kids stockings?

For older children with established interests and developing skills, stocking fillers can encompass engaging and interactive items. The Rex London Ocean Memory Game offers a fun and educational challenge, enhancing memory and concentration skills through play - Plus its a great game to keep them entertained on the big day!

Encourage creativity and interest in science with the Nailmatic Soap Makers, providing a hands-on experience in crafting their own soap while nurturing artistic abilities. For imaginative play, the Candylab Candycar Mini Zebra Drifter offers endless adventures with its sleek design and durable construction. Foster self-expression with the Rex London Nail Kits, allowing them to explore and experiment with colourful nail art. Engage their curiosity in nature with The Den Kit Co Bug Spotter Kit, encouraging outdoor exploration and discovery. Yoto Cards for older listeners like James and the Giant Peach provides captivating audio stories, sparking their imagination and love for literature.

Filling a Stocking Economically:

There are plenty of ways to fill stockings on a budget without compromising on the excitement. You could include one larger gift and the rest with items that are perhaps more practical? You could add a pair or two of fun socks with cute designs or character prints that can be both fun and functional. A water bottle for school or nursery is also a good option or some colouring pencils or pens.

Making Stocking Filling an Experience: Themed Stockings

Consider creating themed stockings tailored to their interests:

  • For a little chef: Include child-friendly cooking utensils, cookie cutters, and a small recipe book.
  • For an aspiring artist: Pack sketchbooks, paints, brushes, and pens

Tailoring Stocking Fillers for Joyful Moments

Selecting stocking fillers and gifts for babies and children is a fun task! But we’ve made it easier for you with our curated Stocking Fillers shop. You can find something for every child, interest or budget! By customising presents to suit their age, interests, and incorporating elements of fun, education, and shared experiences, you're not just filling stockings but creating treasured moments that last beyond the holiday season.

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