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Simplicity, practicality and eco-friendliness defines the award winning and revolutionary YUYU bottle. Snuggle up to the YUYU and it will heat up your whole body as you benefit from a far greater area of instant warmth. The YuYu holds the same volume of water as a traditional hot water bottle so you only have to fill the kettle once and you'll have plenty left over for a cup of tea! 

YuYu is ethically and responsibly aware. Their fair trade natural rubber bottles are delicately wrapped in the finest of fabrics. The rubber is sourced from Sri Lanka, where the finest rubber trees are grown. The rubber used is eco-friendly, biodegradable, fair trade, flexible and beautifully soft. 

The whole team at TKC owns a YuYu and most of their family do to! This is something we can't praise enough. 

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