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Indoor Climbing Frame Buying Guide

Here at The Kid Collective, the Sawdust & Rainbows collection is one of our favourites! With Sawdust & Rainbows products, playtime is climb time and the indoor playground possibilities are endless. This range of indoor climbing frames and accessories is handcrafted from FSC certified plywood and finished with non toxic paints and varnishes. Safe and sturdy, they are built to last!

The Sawdust & Rainbows climbing frames are inspired by the Pikler Approach. According to Emmi Pikler, babies will climb when they are ready and we should allow children to explore "climbing" in a safe way. The key is not to put them on the climbing frame but to let them explore safely. 

Why invest in a Sawdust & Rainbows climbing frame?

  • They are the perfect size for young children to explore climbing as they are low enough to ensure safety and the rung spacing has been designed for easy and safe climbing. At first they will only hold on to it to stand up, then they will climb a few rungs, and then they will climb to the top when they are confident. They are a great size for indoor play and fold away for easy storage.
  • Most children love to climb! It’s great for their coordination and muscle development. Being able to climb independently allows them to develop at their own pace and empowers them to be confident.
  • They are fun and accessible. With an indoor climbing frame, active play time doesn’t need to be cancelled when it rains.

The Climbing Frames

Girl climbing the Sawdust & Rainbows Wee'Un

Wee’Un Pikler Triangle

This Pikler inspired climbing triangle is a popular choice to start building your Sawdust & Rainbows indoor playground. Designed to encourage your child to develop and master climbing skills safely and at their own pace, the triangle climbing frame is suitable from birth up to 50kg and is great fun used on its own or combined with other products from the collection. It also folds up neatly so it can easily be stored away when not in use.

Available in Rainbow, Pastel, Monochrome and Natural.

Boy playing on Sawdust & Rainbows Folding Hump on its side

Folding Hump Climbing Arch

The Hump Pikler climbing arch is a great starter frame for your collection. It can be folded away for easy storing. The Hump can be used from birth as a baby gym if toys are safely hung from the rungs, and as your child grows they will use it as an aid to sit, crawl, stand and cruise. Climbing a Hump may be a little more challenging than the triangle in the early days, but with supervision your little one will master it in their own time.

Available in Rainbow, Pastel, Monochrome and Natural.

Baby climbing Sawdust & Rainbows Little'Un

Little’Un Pikler Triangle

Smaller and more compact than the Wee’un, the Little’un has got thicker rungs making it more comfortable for little feet and easier for little hands to grip on to. The perfect starter climbing triangle at only 52cm high, it also folds up for easy storage when not in use. Can be used on its own or combined with other products from the Sawdust & Rainbows collection to create a fun indoor playground.

Available in Rainbow.

Sawdust & Rainbows Finn Climbing Arch

Finn Climbing Arch

The Finn is a large Pikler climbing arch. It is bigger than the Hump, and standing at 62cm high it is perfect for using as a den for even more fun! This climbing arch is perfect for slightly older children and can be combined with the other climbing frames and accessories from Sawdust & Rainbows to create the ultimate indoor climbing frame. The Finn also folds for storage when not in use.

Available in Rainbow or Natural.



The Accessories

Sawdust & Rainbows Ladder with three children playing


The Sawdust & Rainbows Slide is our most popular accessory. This slide is a clever addition to your indoor climbing frame, it’s double sided so you can just flip it over to combine it with other accessories to make a ball run, climbing slope or ring toss game. It can also be used between two Sawdust & Rainbows climbing frames to create a balance beam or play platform.

Sawdust & Rainbows Ladder with three children playing


The Sawdust & Rainbows Ladder is a great addition to your indoor climbing frame. It can be used as a climbing extension to your Wee’un or Hump, and also works well as a climbing bridge between two frames.

Sawdust & Rainbows slide games and accessories montage

Slide Games

The Ball Run makes a fun addition creating a wacky track for balls, cars, figures or anything your child might want to roll down, it does come with two wooden balls, but anything goes during climb time!

The Ring Toss game is fun for all ages, practice your aim and try to get the wooden rings on the posts, this is the only accessory that needs removing before flipping the slide back over for sliding time.

Climbing Discs make climbing up the slide even more adventurous, but they also make a fun surface to roll things down.


Climbing Frame Combinations

As there are so many choices from the Sawdust & Rainbows collection, you can build up your climbing frame combinations over time. Here are some of our favourite combinations:

Wee’un Pikler Triangle and Slide

A classic combination and suitable for all ages. The ball run and climbing discs could be added to the slide for even more fun!

Folding Hump Climbing Arch and Ladder

Create a more complex climbing surface by adding the ladder to the climbing hump, a great challenge for more experienced climbers.

The Ultimate Indoor Climbing Frame Combo

Combine the Wee’un or Little’Un with the Folding Hump or Finn Climbing Arch, add a slide and a ladder and you have the ultimate indoor playground! You can mix up the combination too by using either the ladder or slide as either a bridge between the two frames. If space (and budget!) allows, you can combine as many frames and accessories as you like, they are all compatible and complement each other. Playtime is climb time!

Sawdust & Rainbows climbing frame combinations





Sawdust & Rainbows Wee'Un Pikler Triangle - Rainbow
Sawdust & Rainbows Natural Slide
Sawdust & Rainbows Ball Run - Rainbow
Sawdust & Rainbows Folding Hump - Rainbow