Become A Brand Rep

We're sorry, we're not currently accepting applications for Brand Reps

What is a Brand Rep?

Someone who is passionate about The Kid Collective and the products and brands that we sell! You will be active on one or more social media and marketing platforms and want to share your love of The Kid Collective with your followers.

What is expected of you?

  • Create and post content featuring products from The Kid Collective
  • Share your discount code with your followers
  • Agree for your content and photos to be shared and to be used in our own marketing
  • Interact with our posts through likes, comments and shares

What you will get?

  • Personal site wide discount
  • Gifted products for promotion
  • Exclusive follower discount code
  • 3 month term as a TKC Brand Rep


Your Instagram profile name, this must be public
Your Facebook profile name, this must be public
Your TikTok account
Your blog or website address
Please list the brands you Rep for
Please add the two numbers

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