Top 5 Big Gifts For Christmas

Wednesday, 15 December 2021  |  Charis

T'was the weeks before Christmas and all through the land The Kid Collective Elves were carefully choosing the right toys to bring a smile to your little one's face on Christmas Day! Watch their faces light up as they unwrap these beautiful and fun toys that are guaranteed to please!

1. Sawdust & Rainbows Wee'Un Pikler Triangle

Our first top gift is the Sawdust & Rainbows Wee'Un Pikler Triangle.

This fun and award winning indoor climbing frame supports a child’s natural desire to explore their environment and their abilities through free, open-ended play. Its clever design allows it to be folded away when not in use, making storage super easy!

The Wee'Un is available in four different colours: Rainbow, Natural, Pastel and Monochrome.

Sawdust & Rainbows Wee'un

2. Little Dutch Dolls House

A classic gift at Christmas, this beautiful wooden dolls house from Little Dutch will definitely entertain them on Christmas day and all the days after! Complete with furniture this dollshouse is great as a stand alone gift or you can add some home comforts with our great range of Dolls House Accessories.

Little Dutch Dolls House

3. Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are the perfect first bike for little ones! We absolutely love the Little Dutch Balance Bike!

Balance bikes are ideal for toddlers to help them build and develop their coordination and motor skills. The balance bike will help to teach your little one to balance while sitting and also in motion, which will really help with their confidence.

Little Dutch Balance Bike

If you're looking for a balance bike with a difference try our 2 in 1 Trybikes!

The Trybike grows with your little one with the ability to convert from a three wheeled trike to a balance bike in a few simple steps! 

The Trybike is the perfect 2-in-1 to help your child transition from balancing to riding!

See our range here:

Trybike Steel 2-In-1 Balance Trike - Vintage Blue
Trybike Steel 2-In-1 Balance Trike - Vintage Green

4. Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

An Olli Ella Dinkum Doll is the perfect companion for your little one. Soft bodied but jointed and sturdy enough to stand on their own two little shoes, these dolls make a wonderful playmate. There are lots of Dinkum dolls clothes and dolls accessories available to enhance play time.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

5. Wobbel Board

The Wobbel Board finds its origins in Waldorf learning. Stimulating balance and strength during play, the Wobbel is suitable for all ages from 0 - 100 years!

The Wobbel is like a magnet for a child - they will instinctively know exactly what to do with it, not only for exuberant and energetic play, but also for quiet moments.

Wobbel Board

See our great range of boards and accessories:

Wobbel Pillow Original - Space
Wobbel Pro Sky
Wobbel Deck Original - Floral
Wobbel Starter Baby Mouse

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